New Arrowman Program

Arrowmen who have completed their Ordeal within the last 12 months have special opportunities at conclave with our New Arrowman Program.

New Arrowmen, also known as a Very Important Arrowman (or VIA), will sit with a group of other new Arrowmen at meal times and be lead in inspirational conversation by a special guest table guide. This year’s special guests include 4 national officers and several section chiefs from outside our section.

Friday night after the opening show, VIAs are invited to attend a special evening activity to help start off their conclave experience.

The main event of the New Arrowman Program is the VIA Luncheon. On Saturday, you will gather for a special lunch with guest speakers, an activity, and a special treat.

More information about each of these activities will be provided at check-in and at the opening show.


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