Western Region Chief Attending Conclave- Meet Jordan Jefferis

Jordan Jefferis | 2018 Western Region Chief

Jordan hails from Portland, OR. He is an Eagle Scout, and Vigil Honor member of Wauna La Mon’tay Lodge. Previously, Jordan served as section chief for our very own W-1S. Jordan is a business administration major at Concordia University and plans to attend law school following his graduation. He enjoys watching The Good Wife, golfing, and traveling. A fun fact about Jordan is that he loves coffee, and wants to open a coffee shop when he retires.

We asked Jordan some questions for members in the section to get to know him better before Conclave (even though we all know Jordan pretty well).

Q: Why did you want to become a National Officer?

A: I wanted to become a national officer because in 2015 I meet the Western Region chief and went through a National Leadership Seminar. These two events made me realize there is so much more to our organization that youth can be a part of if they really wanted to. I wanted to have that same impact on the Arrowmen of today. 

Q: What is your favorite Scouting memory?

A: My favorite scouting memory has to be going to Florida Sea Base with my troop. We swam, caught lobster, and had a fantastic time. 

Q: What is your favorite part of Conclaves?

A: Honestly my favorite part of conclaves is the free time in the afternoon or meet the man sessions. It’s a time when there is no real structure and Arrowmen have the opportunity to get to know each other.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: My biggest inspiration has to be the 2015 Western Region Chief, Nathan Lee. He is always smiling but the thing that really made him stand out was when I saw him again the next year and he had remembered my name. 

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: In my free time, I enjoy leading a 7th-grade boys youth group at my church. 

Q: How would you encourage other Arrowmen to stay involved in the Order in college?

A: I think for Arrowmen in college it can be easy to say that you no longer have time, or that finding a new lodge will be hard, or that they do not know anyone. I would disagree. Having seen many different lodges here in the Western Region this year, lodges are very welcoming to those who want to join. Many times the insight that someone new brings to the lodge will benefit that new lodge. By not saying active in a lodge you are missing out on years of memories. 

Q: What is your biggest regret in your Scouting career?

A: Not getting active sooner.

Q: How has Scouting affected the rest of your life?

A:  It has made me realize how much scouting has prepared me for the real world. I will be sitting in class and while some kids have to study different aspects of leadership, I do not because it is something that the scouting program has had us practicing for years. You realize that you can speak to adults and work in a group better than most. 

Q: What is your favorite moment since your election as a national officer?

A: My favorite moment since being elected has to be my trip to Tokyo for a conclave. During this trip, I got to hear how scouting is done in the Far East Council and abroad. 

Q: How do you balance your Scouting duties with other responsibilities in your life, such as work, school, and family?

A: I keep a detailed google calendar with scouting dates, homework due dates, family obligations, etc. 

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your visit to the W-1S Conclave at Camp Baker in Florence, OR?

A: I am most looking forward to showing off how awesome our section is to Anthony and Justin who will also be joining me at our conclave. I know how cool we are and so will they after September!

Make sure you attend the 2018 Section W-1S Conclave and meet Jordan Jefferis for yourself!