Lo La’Qam Geela Fall Fellowship Recap

Lo La’Qam Geela finished off their 25th anniversary with a record breaking Fall Fellowship. With 100 attendees, lodge members participated in activities such as escape rooms, capture the flag and a variety of board games.

Five new Vigil honor members were inducted. 

  •     Matthew Blankeship
  •     James Verheyden
  •     Paula Buckner
  •     Andrew Rambo
  •     Erin Rambo

The youth of the Lodge also elected their new Lodge Officers

  •     Lodge Chief – Daniel Stockton
  •     Vice Chief of Programs – Niko Bucann
  •     Vice Chief of Activities – Gage Ford
  •     Vice Chief of Administration – Eric Verheyden
  •     Vice Chief of Membership – Jonathan Morris
  •     Treasurer – Thackery Moreland

The new Lodge Adviser, Doctor James Verheyden, was also installed. Overall, it was a very successful event for Lo La’Qam Geela.