Jeff Knierim

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Tsisqan Lodge

Jeff Knierim first graced the world with his presence early July of 1993. He joined the Cub Scouts of America 6 years later and the Boy Scouts 5 years later. Troop 162 of Beaverton, Oregon nominated him for Order of the Arrow membership in 2007. He held his ordeal, sustained on the dew and eucalyptus leaves he found each morning.

He graduated Beaverton High School, home of the Beaverton Beaver, whose colors are orange and black. Desiring a change he moved 90 miles south to attend Oregon State. Realizing that Oregon State was also the home of the Beavers (as is Section W-1S), he found his change by jumping from the northern lodge to Tsisqan, home of the proud (and shafted) deer.

Now an adult he spends his days making jokes no one else thinks are funny and perfecting the act of looking productive.