How to Earn the Section Comms Team Patch

Created in 2018, the Section W-1S Communications Team patch is given to those Arrowmen who support and contribute to section communications. Due to the high demand for this patch, the Comms Team created a list of criteria to earn the patch.

Anyone who completes the criteria can earn the patch. There are some instances where the Section Secretary will release a patch for a special giveaway or fundraiser auction. 

Ryo Takei

Mobile App Youth Lead

Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge

Long ago, in the dim ages, in the valley of the Willamette lived a young brave who was not brave at all. He cowered in his corner, hunched over a glowing box he used to communicate with the rest of the world. Hours and hours of each day were spent scrolling through pictures with funny captions, videos of kittens, and mad rantings of odd creatures from a distant land who are known only as “Internet trolls.”

One day, the young brave was dismayed to find that his mother had removed his glowing box. She told him that she would only give it back once he had gone out into the village to make friends with other youths. Fearing he would never have a chance to cower in his corner again, the boy obeyed, scampering nimbly through the woods toward the village.

The youth wandered the streets, searching for young men similar to himself, but he struggled to find anyone with similar interests to his own. He searched high and low, shyly inquired if others had seen young braves like him, all the while becoming more dismayed. Just as all hope seemed lost, the youth saw a familiar glow from around the corner.

He turned down the alleyway to find a motley crew of young men, all cowering over glowing boxes, their skin as pale as the face of the moon, as if they had never seen the sun before. The young men welcomed him in and introduced themselves as the Section W-1S Communications Team. They explained to him the high ideals they believed in, and the glorious quest they had been gifted by the section. The young brave grinned from ear to ear, knowing that he had finally found a place where he truly belonged.

Ryan Mogensen

Content Creator & Social Media Team

Tsisqan Lodge

Ryan was born at the young age of zero in Ryan’s hometown in the year Ryan was born. Growing up, Ryan was very Ryan-ish, making Ryan’s classmates feel uncomfortable and leaving Ryan outcast by society. When Ryan joined the Section Communications Team, Ryan was glad to find others who are also Ryan-ish. To this day, Ryan Ryans all over the section with his Ryan-ish cohort, causing Ryan wherever they go.


This Ryanography provided by Ryan’s Ryan Foundation for Ryan-ish Ryans.

Ethan Jones

Team Lead

Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge

Also serving as Section Secretary

Ethan is a five palm Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge and a member of Troop 728 in Oak Hills, Oregon. He graduated from Westview High School and Terra Nova High School in June of 2018. Ethan is currently attending Portland State where he studies Environmental Science.

Ethan serves as a ceremonialist for Wauna La-Mon’tay lodge, Sunset Trail Chapter. He previously served as Wauna La-Mon’tay’s NOAC apparel youth chairman, Arrowtour food chairman, Sunset Trail’s Administration Vice Chief, and Section W-1S’ merchandising Conclave Vice Chief for two years. In his free time, Ethan enjoys theatre and science.

A fun fact about him is that he has spent a lot of time both on and off stage in various productions. When not on the stage, he spends much of his time in the lighting booth or the costume shop.

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