Donate to the Conclave Auction

The auction committee is looking for donations of items for the silent and live auctions at this year’s conclave. The auctions raise money to help support the section’s year-round operations including providing scholarships, sending section officers to the Western Region Gathering and National Planning Meeting, section communications, and supporting the lodges we serve. 

Donations of all sorts are welcome including patches, Scouting memorabilia, camping equipment, and more. 

Those who donate to the section a value of $50 or more will receive a special donor patch. Youth who donate $150 or adults who donate $300 in value will receive a special Patron patch. 

If you would like to donate, contact

Patch Designs Wanted

The section is looking for patch designs for the 2020 conclave patch set. Both youth and adults are welcome to submit designs.

All designs must meet the following criteria.

  • Include “Section W-1S” or “W-1S”
  • Include “Conclave 2020” or “2020 Conclave”
  • Must have at least one of the following
    • OA Arrowhead
    • “OA”
    • ‘WWW”
  • Be 10 colors or less
  • Be a standard geometric shape (i.e. circle, square, diamond, etc.)
  • Include the section beaver (preferred but not required)
  • Be related to the 2020 conclave theme “Thriving Into a New Decade” – based on the roaring ’20s (preferred)
  • Avoid copyright/trademark material (including words/phrases)

In addition, any Order of the Arrow brand elements (logos) used must follow the Order of the Arrow brand guidelines (HERE) and any section logos must follow the Section W-1S brand guidelines (HERE).

All designs must be submitted as a PDF, .jpg, or .png file and sent via email to by March 25th OR in person at the Council of Chief meeting on March 28th.

Questions? Contact

National Vice Chief to Attend 2020 Conclave

The 2020 National Vice Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Noah Smith, will be a special guest at this year’s conclave at Hoodoo Ski Area! 

Noah is a Vigil Honor member from Brookland, Arkansas. After serving as the Quapaw lodge chief, Noah served for two terms as the Section SR-8 chief. He has earned the rank of Eagle Scout, as well as the Founder’s Award. Noah intends to major in business management at the University of Central Arkansas. During his leisure time, Noah enjoys playing soccer and partaking in high adventure opportunities. 

Come meet Noah at conclave on September 11-13, 2020!

2019 in Review

2019 in Review

As 2019 comes to a close, we take a look back at the amazing year that we have had.

2019 was a year of growth, a year of excitement, and above all else, a year of growth.

In February, the Order of the Arrow opened its doors to more units, now conducting unit elections in Scouts BSA troops, Venturing crews, and Sea Scout ships. The same month, Scouts BSA was launched and the Order of the Arrow began welcoming its first female youth members soon after.

This was also a year of celebration with all three lodges in the section having a major anniversary year.

Wauna La-Mon’tay celebrated their 25th anniversary this year during their annual Rendezvous at Camp Meriwether in March.

Tsisqan, the oldest lodge in the section, celebrated their 75th anniversary in Eugene, OR in March. The 3-day event consisted of a variety of activities, a Trade-O-Ree, auction, banquet, and special Vigil gathering. The keynote address was delivered by the National Order of the Arrow Chairman, Mike Hoffman.

 Lo La’Qam Geela also celebrated their 25th anniversary this year during their annual Fall Fellowship at Camp McLoughlin in November.

In August, Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge hosted ArrowCorps 2019. Over 100 Scouts and Scouters gathered for the week-long service project partnered with the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Check out their week in review video

In September, Section W-1S returned to Camp Meriwether after more than two decades for “Conclave by the Sea: Shipwreck at the Cape.” 540 Arrowmen were in attendance including a contingent of over 50 Arrowmen from Nisqually Lodge in southwestern Washington. During conclave. Arrowmen attended training classes, participated in fun activities, and joined together in fellowship.

The National Vice Chief, Eric Harrison, and Western Region Chief, Antonyo Mitchell, were also in attendance speaking with Arrowman throughout the weekend.

During the Saturday night show, the section presented the Arrow of Honor award to two individuals for their dedicated service to the Section W-1S. The first was Bo Griffin of Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge. The second was Kevin Padrick of Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Kevin passed away from a plane accident. The award was presented to his wife, who said Kevin would have been honored to receive it. Kevin was a huge asset, not just to Section W-1S and Lo La’Qam Geela, but to all of Scouting and he will be missed.

Hoodoo Ski Resort

Conclave came to a close with the announcement that the next conclave will be held September 11-13, 2020 at Hoodoo Ski Area.

Faced with a significant membership decline, the Order of the Arrow held its first ever national webinar in October. “Thrive: A National Webinar, A Local Commitment” gathered over 5,00 chapter, lodge, section, and national leaders to come together and tackle the challenges the Order is facing and to commit to make sure the Order of the Arrow doesn’t just survive, but thrives for years to come. The webinar introduced new programs, initiatives, and resources to help lodges become high performing. A high performing lodge has a 90% unit election rate, 90% induction rate and a 50% activation rate according to the Lodge Performance Measurement Program, which replaced the Journey to Excellence program earlier this year. During the webinar, each lodge made 90 day goals that will help start them on the path to become high performing.

This year, as part of the Thrive webinar, the role of the section was revised. The section will now play a greater role in helping lodges become high performing. One way it will do this is by hosting an annual ACT Conference which will bring lodge leaders from around the section together to Adapt, Collaborate, and Thrive.

2019 was an amazing year for Section W-1S. All across the section, the spirit of our Order is alive and well. It is this excitement and enthusiasm for our brotherhood that sets the tone for our future. While 2019 was great, we believe that the best is yet to come in 2020.

Thank you for an amazing year!

*For more conclave photos, visit our 2019 Conclave photo album

Western Region Gathering Recap

On October 25-27, Section W-1S officers and advisers attended the annual Western Region Gathering at Camp Kuratli in Boring Oregon. Gathering, hosted in our section this year, saw the assembly of all the sections in the region. Arrowmen received training, information, and broke out to start planning the year in each section. Continuing the momentum of Thrive, and the new ACT (Adapt, Collaborate, & Thrive) training were major points of discussion. Overall the event was a success and we are excited for another great year in Section W-1S.

IMG_2586 (1)

Wauna La-Mon’tay College of Youth Leadership Recap

On November 2nd, Wauna La-Mon’tay hosted Collge of Youth Leadership(CYL) for the future youth leaders in Cascade Pacific Council. CYL is an annual event that the lodge host every year to provide an opportunity for youth to learn about leadership. CYL offers three different tracks: Intro, Advanced, and OA Track. Each track is lead by a youth OA member in the lodge. This year, the lodge offered OA track: brand new leadership training targeted specifically to those who are interested in being an upcoming leader in the OA. In this event, total of 227 people went through the training and left as a leader of the council.

76 Arrowmen from Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge staffed for the event to teach classes, as well as help as ServiceCorp members. This event was a huge success! Special thanks to everyone who staffed as well as all the advisors who made this event possible.

Tsisqan Lodge Officer Retreat Racap

Over the weekend of November 8-10, the newly elected Tsisqan Lodge officers met for a weekend of training, planning, and program development. The officers learned about goal setting, effective communication, how to use their resources and event planning, among other topics. Each officer spent Saturday morning with their respective adviser to learn their job, set expectations of each other, and develop personal goals. After lunch came setting the lodge’s goals for the Lodge Performance Measurement Program and creating the lodge budget. The weekend wrapped up with planning some upcoming events including the Chapter Officer Training in December and Workshop Weekend in February. The officers also decided a thematic for Annual Fellowship, “Back to the 80s.”  

Much of the weekend revolved around one central idea; becoming a high performing lodge. The officers and adviser used the information they learned from “Thrive: A National Webinar, A Local Commitment” to drive their discussions and planning. 

After one very long and exhausting weekend, Tsisqan Lodge is ready to make 2020 one for the record books. 

Lo La’Qam Geela Fall Fellowship Recap

Lo La’Qam Geela finished off their 25th anniversary with a record breaking Fall Fellowship. With 100 attendees, lodge members participated in activities such as escape rooms, capture the flag and a variety of board games.

Five new Vigil honor members were inducted. 

  •     Matthew Blankeship
  •     James Verheyden
  •     Paula Buckner
  •     Andrew Rambo
  •     Erin Rambo

The youth of the Lodge also elected their new Lodge Officers

  •     Lodge Chief – Daniel Stockton
  •     Vice Chief of Programs – Niko Bucann
  •     Vice Chief of Activities – Gage Ford
  •     Vice Chief of Administration – Eric Verheyden
  •     Vice Chief of Membership – Jonathan Morris
  •     Treasurer – Thackery Moreland

The new Lodge Adviser, Doctor James Verheyden, was also installed. Overall, it was a very successful event for Lo La’Qam Geela. 

Section Secretary

Ryo Takei

Section Secretary

Wauna La-Mon'tay

Ryo is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member of Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge, from Portland, Oregon. He is currently dual enrolling in School of Science and Technology and Portland Community College as a high school senior. After high school, he is planning to transfer to a four-year university to continue studying mechanical engineering.

Previously, Ryo has served as Sunset Trail Chapter Admin Vice Chief for two years, has helped various events in the lodge, and has also staffed NYLT for two years as a Foreman and SPL.

What is your favorite Scouting memory?
Going to OACT with our vice chief Dirk Smelser and spent 2 weeks truly experiencing what OA and Scouting can offer.

What are your biggest goals in your position for 2019?
I want to reach out to more people through social media and communications between the three lodges and make sure each lodge has all the resources they need to Thrive!

If you could go to any scouting event from any time, what would it be?
I really miss World Scout Jamboree. I would love to go back and do the same thing over, over and over.

Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge Chief

Trevor Horine

Lodge Chief

Wauna La-Mon'tay

Trevor Horine is a Vigil Honor member in Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge. He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 728. Before he was elected lodge chief, Trevor served as two-term chapter chief for Sunset Trail Chapter. Trevor served four summers on camp staff, one at Camp Baldwin and 3 at Camp Meriwether.

Trevor is a Sophomore at Oregon State University and is studying Electrical and Computer Engineering.

What is your favorite Scouting Memory?
Being on Camp Staff.

What is your biggest goal for your term?
Improving our elangomat program

If you could attend any scouting event what would it be?
Lodge events, seeing familiar face has always been an enjoyable part of scouting.

Tsisqan Lodge Chief

Dustin Graves

Lodge Chief

Tsisqan Lodge

Dustin Graves is a Brotherhood member in Tsisqan Lodge. He is a life scout in Troop 156. Before becoming the 2020 lodge chief, Dustin served as the 2019 admin vice chief and the 2018 Wacoma Hanas Chapter Chief .

Dustin is a Junior at Winter Lakes High School and is also enrolled at Southwestern Oregon Community College where he takes his classes.

What is your favorite Scouting Memory?
3 years staffing at Camp Baker

What is your biggest goal for 2020?
Promoting the steady workflow between chapter and lodge officers.

If you could attend any scouting event what would it be?

Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge Chief

Daniel Stockton

Lodge Chief

Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge

Daniel Stockton is a Brotherhood member from Jacksonville, Oregon. He comes from Troop 17 and is a Life Scout. Previously, he has held the position of lodge vice chief of activities and the Amangi Kuwe Chapter Chief. Daniel attended the National Leadership Seminar at Camp Piggot in 2019.

Daniel is a Junior at Logos High School and is taking his classes at Rogue Community College while majoring in Mechanical Engineering. 

What is your favorite Scouting Memory?
70-mile raft trip on the John Day River

What is your biggest goal for 2020?
Maintaining momentum within the lodge during leadership changes.

If you could attend any scouting event what would it be?

Section Vice-Chief

Dirk Smelser

Section Vice Chief

Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge

Dirk is a brotherhood member in Lo La’Qam Geela, hailing from Northern California, Eureka. He attends Eureka Senior High School, planning to continue education, pursuing business administration after high school. 

Previously, Dirk has served as My Chapter Rocks CVC, Lodge Chief, and Vice Chief of Activities. He has also staffed two years at Camp Makualla and two years of NYLT Staff. Dirk is a Lodge Arrow of Honor and Recognition of Cheerful Service recipient. 

What is your favorite scouting memory?
Doing an OA Trail Crew Trek. Those two weeks change any person for the better.

What are your biggest goals in your position for 2019?
To support the Lodge’s officers and encourage communication between the three Lodges.

Who is someone you look up to in Life? 
James Alexander. He’s supported me throughout my scouting career and pushed me to places I never thought I could get to. 

Section Chief

James Verheyden

Section Chief

Lo La'Qam Geela Lodge

James is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge from Bend, Oregon. He is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Previously, James has served as Section Vice Chief, Training CVC, Host Lodge CVC, Lodge Chief, VC of Administration, and Chapter Chief. James is also a Founder’s Award recipient.

In his free time, James enjoys hiking and studying geology, which he is minoring in.

What is your favorite Scouting memory?
Serving as a Trek Guide with Operation Arrow at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree

What are your biggest goals in your position for 2019?
I want to improve the unit election process and foster more collaboration between our lodges

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Exploring the wild continent of Antarctica