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New Arrowman Program

Arrowmen who have completed their Ordeal within the last 12 months have special opportunities at conclave with our New Arrowman Program. New Arrowmen, also known as a Very Important Arrowman (or VIA), will sit with a group of other new Arrowmen ...

Conclave Activities Preview

Saturday afternoon at conclave will be full of fun activities. Here are just a few of the activities that will be available for Arrowmen to participate in at conclave this year.
  • Climbing tower
  • Zipline
  • Filed games
  • .22 Shooting
More activities will ...

Running for Section Office

If you are planning to run for a section officer position (chief, vice chief or secretary), you must have approval from your council Scout Executive or designee. You can view the process for running HERE. You will also need to ...

RVs and Trailers at Conclave

Due to the limited space for parking in camp, we ask that RVs and trailers are not parked in camp. If you must bring an RV or trailer, we encourage you to stay off site. Darlings RV Resort is located ...

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Secretary Statement

What an amazing year it has been! As the section secretary, I have led the section comms team since my election, and I want to share some exciting information. It has been a busy year with the Order’s largest gathering, NOAC 2018. With the participation of over 6,000 Arrowmen, my team was able to cover loads of fun activities and share information with Arrowmen at home and at the conference.

I would like to thank my whole team and my adviser for all of their hard work at NOAC and at home. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing something that you have been planning for months finally come to fruition, and succeed in every aspect that you had hoped. However, NOAC was not the only event that we plan for, as we are just about ready for conclave 2018. Now, although there will not be cell coverage at Baker, we will still be providing some fun opportunities in which attendees can participate. For those not able to attend conclave, make sure you follow us on all our social media accounts (@sectionw1s) and keep an eye out for updates because we will still be providing coverage!

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Thank you for coming to the 2018 Section W-1S Conclave at Camp Baker! We hope you will join us next year at Camp Meriwether.

What is Conclave?
A weekend full of a wide range of activities, great food, training courses and shows. All of which share the same goal of uniting us in brotherhood! This year is not a year to miss out on!

Conclave 2019 is going to be filled with fun for everyone! Here is the most important information you need to know so that you don’t miss it

Date: September 6-8, 2019

Location: Camp Meriwether, Cloverdale, OR

Cost: To Be Determined

Order of the Arrow High Adventure

The Order of the Arrow is the best way to experience scouting’s High Adventure Bases. There are currently 5 different options open to youth Arrowmen that are registered members of both the Boy Scouts of America and Order of the Arrow. For more information visit adventure.OA-BSA.org.


The Section has scholarships available for youth to attend OA High Adventure programs.  More information about the Section High Adventure Program Scholarship is coming soon.

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Upcoming Events


Conclave | September 7-9, 2018 | Camp Baker | Info

Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge

Makualla Induction | September 21-23, 2018 | Camp Makualla
Riggs Induction | September 28-30, 2018 | Camp Riggs
McLoughlin Induction | October 5-6, 2018 | Camp McLoughlin

Tsisqan Lodge

Annual Fellowship | October 19-21, 2018 | Camp Baker |Info
Lodge Officer Retreat | November 9-11, 2018
LLDC | December 15, 2018 | Oregon Trail Council Service Center
Workshop Weekend | February 22-23, 2019 | Camp Baker
75th Anniversary Celebration | March 22-24, 2019 | Eugene, OR | Info

Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge

Grand Council | August 29, 2018 | 7-9 PM | Info
Lodge Service Project | September 22, 2018 | Camp Cooper | Info
Lewis Induction | October 5-7, 2018 | Camp Lewis | Info