Tsisqan Lodge held two very successful Induction weekends in 2017. Spring Induction was held in June at Camp Baker and Summer Induction was held in July at Camp Melakwa. For those that missed out, here is a recap. 

New Members


New members are at the center of each Induction Weekend. The whole weekend revolves around making sure service projects and ceremonies contribute to a quality experience for each new member.

This year, Tsisqan inducted 50 new members: 39 at Camp Baker, and 11 at Camp Melakwa. Between the two camps, service by new members during their induction adds up to about 400 hours! That’s 400 hours of work that summer camp staff now have available to do other important work to prepare their program.


Attaining Brotherhood is all about commitment. This includes a commitment to Scouting’s values, the ideals of the Order of the Arrow, and to being a leader in Scouting and our communities.

Brotherhood is considered to be the final step in an Arrowman’s Induction. Tsisqan is very proud of their brothers who choose to attain Brotherhood!

While Brotherhood attainment is offered year-round, Induction Weekends are a special time because Brotherhood members can reflect on their induction as they watch others complete theirs. Spring Induction saw 12 new Brotherhood members, and Summer Induction saw 2.

Summer Induction | Camp Melakwa

Vigil Honor

The Vigil Honor is awarded to a select few Arrowmen each year who best exemplify the ideals of the Order of the Arrow, and have been active in Scouting for two years since attaining Brotherhood. Based on the size of our lodge, Tsisqan recognized just six Vigils this year at Spring Induction.

Vigil Honor recipients are selected by Ordeal and Brotherhood members, based on their achievements and service to Scouting. This year’s Vigil Honor recipients are:

  • Zach Colbert, Halo Moosum Tyee (Sleepless Leader)
  • Jerrod Conner, Man Kawak Kulakula (Man Who Flies with Birds)
  • Blaine Loftis, Kwan Kumtux Pepah Tsitsil (Quiet Reader of the Stars)
  • Trent Robbins, Itchwoot De-Late’ Ooahut (Bear Who Guides Youth)
  • Edward San Romani, Kloshe Nanitch Tumtum (Protector of Souls)
  • Aaron Yates, Tyee Hiyu Ooahut (Leader of Many Paths)

Photo Credit: Brent Adams


Service is a key part of our organization, and our Induction weekends. Projects are organized to repair, make improvements to, and prepare camps for the summer season.

At Camp Baker, nearly 900 service hours were contributed to projects including:

  • Improvements to archery and shotgun ranges
  • Painting Gratke, McDonald Pods, and Cook’s Cabin
  • Cleaning gutters and sweeping roofs

At Camp Melakwa, Arrowmen put over 300 hours into projects like:

  • Painting the camp trading post
  • Putting up platform tents
  • Staining picnic tables
  • Clearing brush from trails and campsites