Ktemaque (Beaver – pronounced tay-mock) University is the official training program of Section W-1S established in 2002. 

The Ktemaque University training courses are geared to offer a more diverse and expanded opportunity for Arrowmen of all ranks and ages.The training courses offered at Ktemaque University are designed for you to learn new and exciting skills in a variety of program areas and to take these new and improved skills back to your unit, chapter, and lodge. Ktemaque University will be innovative, hands-on, age relevant, and FUN!!!

There are five main program areas (or college tracks) for the 2017 Conclave. They are:

  • College of Ceremonies and Inductions
  • College of Leadership and Program
  • College of Outdoor Adventure
  • College of General Studies and Fun
  • College of Merit Badges

Degree Program

At Ktemaque University it is easy to earn your degree. All you have to do is attend training during all three sessions on Saturday morning, get your signature (or sticker) from each trainer, fill out your training evaluation, and turn it in. That’s it! Each year you do this you receive a new degree and patch.

First Year: Associate’s Degree

Second Year: Bachelor’s Degree

Third Year: Master’s Degree

Fourth Year: Doctorate Degree (NOTE: There are some special requirements to earn your Doctorate. See below)

*Note: Trainer’s that fill out an evaluation form will get there next degree in addition to a professors degree and patch.

Doctorate Program:

Have you already received or are planning to receive a Master’s Degree this year at Ktemaque University? There are special requirements for a Doctorate Degree. Click below to view the requirements.

Doctorate Degree Requirements

2017 Training Class List

Each of the session tabs below will provide you with all the training classes and information for that session including a course description, who the instructor is, where it is located, and if there is a cost or size limit. 

NOTE: Some classes have an additional cost, maximum class size, or special requirements.

*Classes are subject to change! See Conclave Map for updated locations. 

Session 1 (9:00-9:50 AM)

Session 2 (10:00-10:50 AM)

Session 3 (11:00-11:50 AM)

Training Class Registration 

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Master List

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