A member being recognized for their service with the Vigil Honor at Wauna La-Mon’tay’s Rendezvous

Chief’s Update | March Edition


What a month it’s been! Several major things happened this March; Wauna La-Mon’tay had its largest annual event, Spring began (finally), and Arrowmen everywhere received their final college admissions decisions. I’d like to expand on that last point for this month’s edition of the Chief’s Update.

I was among the hundreds of thousands of high school seniors applying to universities across the nation throughout the end of last year. Much of the college application process inspires reflection; careful consideration is given to all of the classes you’ve taken, the grades and standardized test scores earned, and the extracurricular activities that filled your daytime hours. Similarly to many of you, my main extracurricular by far was Scouting. I did a few sports and served as a peer tutor through my school, but the amount of hours spent on those paled in comparison to the amount of time spent in the Scouting program.

Simply put, the college application process caused me to realize that I largely am who I am today because of Scouting. Countless defining moments have come from this program, and I can’t begin to describe all of the ways that it’s changed me from the small 8-year old who joined at a Cub Scout recruitment night way back when. I can say with confidence that, aside from my family, Scouting has had the biggest influence on me as a person — if I could do it all again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Perhaps the most important part of my Scouting career was my choice to get involved. When I first crossed over, I imagined going on outings with the Troop — and not much more. The Order of the Arrow opened doors that I didn’t even know existed, and I’m so glad that I took that first step.

To anyone reading this who’s wondering about going to Conclave, or a Lodge event, or even a Chapter Meeting for the first time — do it. You’ll be awed to see all that can be done in this amazing program. The Order of the Arrow has taken me to beautiful camps, brought me to different states and places, and, most importantly, brought me closer to the people that I’m proud to call my brothers and friends. None of it could have happened, though, had I not taken that first step and gotten involved — I can see that clearly now, and I hope that you can too.

I recently committed to Oregon State University, where I’ll spend the next four years pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science. I’m glad that I was able to reflect on the past throughout my college application process, and I’m excited that I can see the near future so clearly. I hope that you can find that same clarity and enjoy the peace it brings.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Christopher McCracken
Section W-1S Chief